Wood trim moldings are generally used for internal and external finishing of country houses, cottages, office premises, baths and saunas, and creating the warmth and cosiness in them. The most widespread types of these construction materials are considered as follow: floorboard, wall panel, euro-batten, blockhouse, lumber imitation, bath shelves, casings, skirting boards. Wood materials are easily painted; the coatings of different types help in their protection from the adverse impact of aggressive environment.


NOR TUN produces a wide range of trim moldings of natural wood. All proposed products go through the strong quality control at all production stages. The prices for the trim moldings of our company are lower, because we are direct makers.

Thermally modified wood is a high quality material that differs from ordinary wood in the special treatment in thermal chamber

After the thermal treatment the wood does not dote, the insects, fungus and mustiness do not damage it, it does not swell and warp because of the moisture; it serves 10-20 times longer than the ordinary wood and does not require chemical treatment.

The wood becomes esthetically more beautiful; the hardness, bruise resistance, and fastness to rubbing increase.


1. Terrace board made of thermally modified wood

  • 78*35*6000-built-up
  • 78*35*3800-not built-up

2. Gate of thermally modified pine