Profiled lumber

Profiled glued laminated lumber is modern construction material that allows facilitating the erection of houses excluding additional fitting and incision in the building area; it significantly saves time and resources.


What properties of the lumber allow you to take it as the main material for the house construction:

the minimal shrinkage of glued lumber is 2-3 times less than, for example, one of regularized round timber, and makes only 0.4 % of the total volume; the heat retention of glued lumber wall with thickness of 200 mm is the same as the properties of brick laying with thickness of 440 mm; the internal wood stress is relieved as a result of log conversion; that is why the glued lumber is not cracked, and is resistant to deformation, and does not change its form during its use;  in other words, to the experts’ opinion, the glued lumber does not become warped essentially; thanks to the protecting composition of coating the glued lumber wall does not require any additional finishing and can be a main decoration of interior and external appearance of the building. And the variety of forms of the glued lumber gives the opportunity to construct the houses in any style – from traditional to ultra-modern style.

There is a profiled lumber with the size of 165 *145 * 600-6000 mm in our production and construction.


The built-up lumber for doorframes is one of the types of our high quality products that is used for manufacturing veneer door frames, filling interior doors, casing, skirting boards, etc.

It is presented by different species and sizes in the production.

We export it to Israel, Turkey, and Poland. We always are ready to consider proposals for cooperation.