Window glued laminated lumber

Window glued laminated lumber is three-layered glued lumber with the cross-section of 76-82*76-82 mm. It is suitable for manufacturing the modern wood structures (European Tilt-and-Turn Windows, eurodoors, expanders etc.)


During the process of manufacture the boards are dried in three stages and then sorted out: knots, cracks and pitch pockets are removed. Later a ready semi-finished product is grafted in a lumber: firstly – lengthwise, after – through-thickness. The eurolumber is glued with waterproof glue thanks to that the ready window becomes nonabsorbent.

Such manufacture of eurolumber, in which the fibers are directed in different way and have different water-resisting properties, provides the material with additional strength and resistance to deformation under conditions of temperature difference. Glued products are 80% stronger and  40% more rigid than similar solid wood elements.

The range of our lumber includes two species – pine and oak, and the quality is time-proved, the window lumber from Style Ecology is famous in the whole territory of Ukraine.