NOR TUN woodworking enterprise was created on the basis of Chudnіv furniture factory, established in the 1920s.



Over the past fifteen years, the company has become a powerful production facility and became the leader of the woodworking industry. Currently, NOR TUN Company launched production of dry dressed lumber and wood products. The level of technology in the company complies with the international requirements; the products are manufactured on modern European equipment.

Three types of edged boards, two types of floor boards, six types of rectangular timbers, a wide range of skirting boards, rails, casings, shafts and other wood products are manufactured. All products are characterized by a high quality of surface treatment; drying technology is strictly observed (in terms of moisture content, all products comply with European standards).



NOR TUN company not only produces environmentally friendly products of a high quality but also takes part in the revival of the glorious traditions of the past — at a new process level. New equipment of manufacturing workshops can quickly and efficiently process the sawing logs into finished products; the quality control at every stage is introduced. Almost all materials are produced in Europe.


Each stage is important for a high-quality level of woodworking:

  • Selection of incoming raw materials — for excellent indicators of production output and quality.
  • Precise saw cut — for the intended use of timber.
  • Atmospheric drying — for equalizing the humidity of different consignments.
  • Drying in automatic dryers in soft mode — for achieving the accurate humidity of the consignment, with minimal internal stresses.
  • Calibration, grafting (in most cases) — for eliminating all defects of wood that do not meet the requirements of the final product.
  • Gluing in bar or board — for producing the desired cross-section of solid wood, not prone to warping, cracking.
  • Exposure at all stages — for a long service life.
  • Processing on high-accuracy machines — for ensuring strict performance by the product of its functions.
  • Finishing with the use of specialized materials suitable for use conditions — for minimum maintenance during the entire period of operation.