Customized furniture. Formed fronts

Customized furniture is manufactured according to the previous designer’s draft; you will be a holder of real exclusive things.

Customized wooden furniture will be your source of pride and real decoration of any interior. Custom-built furniture is a guarantee that each bend, each picture will perfectly fit to a general space. Each centimeter of a room will be maximally functional. It is especially important when you need to fit your furniture into the space of nonstandard geometry for which it is impossible to select series-produced furniture.

Our buyers are especially interested in solid fronts. Our fronts can be manufactured in nonstandard sizes in contrast with the fronts of Italian production, and can be decorated by many nonstandard elements; different colors of finishing can be used.

Lately furniture with formed fronts is very popular. They look unusual and are very convenient in service. Smooth and streamlined shapes will create special esthetics and underline the taste of owners. The technology of formed fronts allows us to offer the unique products, which differ by elegance, functionality, and convenience, to the customers.