Wooden houses and villas

NOR TUN Company builds wooden houses using modern technologies from profiled glued laminated lumber, which we manufacture at our woodworking enterprise.



Houses and other constructions from glued laminated lumber are characterized by minimal shrinkage and good heat-insulation, and therefore you can start installing roof almost immediately after the installation of the lumber. Glued laminated lumber has poor thermal conductivity; wooden houses are easily heated and maintain temperature perfectly.

Depending on the lumber, the wall with thickness of 16.5 cm can be checked against the brick laying from 30 cm (for rounded lumber) to 70 cm (glued laminated lumber, knot-free built-up lumber). The houses from glued laminated lumber do not become warped in contrast with standard lumber.

The construction of foundation is simpler for such house. The foundation requires less depth than for a brick house, and the construction requires much less investments.

In addition, a wooden house does not need interior finishing; natural appearance of treated wood becomes a decoration for any house.