Baths and saunas

Lately cottage settlements are built actively in the countryside near big cities. Owners of such areas can create a house according to their project, and if desired, organize daily life in the countryside. One of the variants of leisure and daily life in villa can be baths or saunas.



Traditions are always desired despite the constant progress and change of the world. One of the types of the brightest traditions is baths culture of our country. You must admit that baths or saunas are an excellent addition to a villa and underline the status of their owners.

NOR TUN Company creates and implements wood construction projects including baths and saunas.

We can create and implement your project in full, or you can select from the existing ones.

Our main advantage is the fact that we manufacture the profiled lumber and other related materials.

With high quality and within the shortest possible time we can build:

  • Baths of profiled lumber;
  • Baths with terrace made entirely of wood;
  • Wooden saunas;
  • Wooden carcasses of any purpose.